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Patrick Hutchinson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Facts

Patrick Hutchinson is a 50 years old personal trainer and a martial arts enthusiast from Wimbledon. After June 13, 2020, Hutchinson became known worldwide for his photograph at the BLM protest in London.

In the picture, he can be seen carrying a man from an opposing group by his shoulders. He explained that the man was detached from his group and angry people were surrounding him, when he saw that the man’s life was at risk, he did what had to be done and carried him towards the police where he could be safe.

Quick Facts: Patrick Hutchinson Personal Trainer Wikipedia, Wife And Age: Facts To Know

NamePatrick Hutchinson
ProfessionPersonal Trainer

10 Facts On Patrick Hutchinson

How Old Is Patrick Hutchinson? Patrick Hutchinson is 50 years old as of the current date. He was born in 1970 in England.

The man he saved turned out to be a retired police officer named Bryn Male. Hutchinson has not seen or spoken to him since the event.

Patrick’s view on racism is not as black vs white but as everyone against racism. He even published a book last year titled “Everyone Versus Racism -A Letter To My Children“.

For his intervention in the BML protest on June 13th, he was branded as a hero by the British PriceMinister.

Patrick Hutchinson has 34.2k followers in his Instagram account where he likes to share his fitness and training videos as well as his personal photos. However, his Twiter has just 277 followers.

Patrick has athletic built and looks stunning with the physique that he has worked so hard to achieve.

 He is a grandfather of two granddaughters, eight years old Kendal and 10 years old Sidéna. He motivates them to stay fit and also occasionally share their video and pictures on his Instagram

Patrick Hutchinson has not shared details about his wife with the public so we don’t know much about his married life and children.

Hutchinson was raised by a single mother in Battersea, London.

Information about Patrick is not available on Wikipedia, however, several other online resources can be explored to learn about him.

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