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Peter Manfredonia Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Peter Manfredonia is a suspected murderer and UConn student who police chased for 6 days in connection with two killings. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

He is suspected to have killed 62-year-old Ted Demers and Nicholas Eisele. The UConn senior’s hearing is still going on but evidence points to him being guilty. His bail has also been set at $5 million and $7 million.  

NamePeter Manfredonia
Birthday2 February 1997

10 Facts About Peter Manfredonia

Peter Manfredonia is a murder suspect, he has been charged with two murders.

According to several news sources, firstly, he killed Nicholas Eisele and he went to his home where he was met with resistance. His second victim was Ted Demers. He also kidnapped the girlfriend of his first victim. 

Eisele’s girlfriend woke up and tried to call 911 while she was being brutally attacked by Peter, but Peter ripped the phone out of her hands.  

The student has gone viral on social media after comments popped up on an Instagram post where people were leaving comments idolizing him. Most of the comments were from people of Gen-Z whose comments seemed to be making a morbid joke about the killings.

The post and the comments have gone viral on TikTok. As a matter of fact, ‘stan’ accounts started surfacing that were joking bout the murders and idolizing the murderer. 

The culprit was born on 2 February 1997. Peter Manfredonia is 23 years old as of November 2020. 

He was born to parents Robert Manfredonia and Jeanette Manfredonia, his father was also arrested for sexual assault and other charges.

Peter Manfredonia in 2020 is on trial and is being held in a correction center.

His bail has been set at $5 million for the first murder and $7 million for the second murder. 

He also led the police to a multi-state chase and police required the help of the FBI.  

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