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Nicky Gumbel Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Pippa Gumbel is the wife of Nicky Gumbel who developed an Alpha course, a basic introduction to Christianity, and has been a Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, one of the largest churches in central London. This couple together writes a commentary on the Bible which is already tried by over 2 million users.

A wonderfully positive and spiritually vibrant Pippa Gumbel has inspired thousands of people to flourish their relationship with God and have peace of mind with a better quality of life.

NamePippa Gumbel
HusbandNicky Gumbel

10 Facts on Pippa Gumbel

Pippa Gumbel is British by nationality but was born in Germany. His father was in armed force and travelled across the country frequently for his job.

No information about the age of Pippa Gumbel is available over the internet.

Pippa Gumbel married Nicky Gumbel in 1978 and has 3 children. She is the mother of 2 boys and a girl and also has 4 grandchildren.

Being a Christian, she is a firm believer that fullness of life can be only brought by Christ and his teachings. As a member of the Alpha group, she thinks it is her privilege to encourage people for finding faith and meaning of life.

Professionally, Pippa is a co-leader of Holy Trinity Brompton ( HTB) along with husband Nicky Gumbel. She helps the member of HTB to master in all areas of life she can which includes family life, worship, planting and pastoring the church, helping young leaders etc.

Despite being a famous personality, Pippa is not on Wikipedia.

Her motto in life is to help people to change their life in a better way and make Jesus honoured in London.

She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, has undergone surgery and is now recovering well.

Pippa is fond of eating lots of chocolates which she wishes to stop.

The net-worth of Pippa Gumbel is not disclosed publicly.

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