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Peter McCullough Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Peter Andrew McCullough professionally serves as an American cardiologist who is also a medicine professor. Let’s take a look at his Wikipedia.

Peter McCullough is a cardiologist who has been working in the medical field for quite some time now. 

Going through his bio, it has stated that he also portrayed the role of a Vice Chief of Internal Medicine in Baylor University Medical Center located in Dallas, Texas.

Is Peter McCullough MD on Wikipedia?

Peter McCullough serving in a great field, is present on Wikipedia. It has been mentioned that Peter has completed his bachelor’s degree from the University named Baylor back in 1984.

Also, he had achieved his medical degree from the University named Texas Southwestern Medical School back in 1988. Moreover, he concluded his residency in the subject of internal medicine. 

Well, he served as a cardiovascular fellow at a hospital named William Beaumont located in Detroit, Michigan, till 1997. After that, he was engaged in numerous positions in different organizations.

Peter McCullough Age: How old is he?

Peter’s Age is not yet revealed on the web portals. Looking at his picture, it seems like he is currently in his sixties. His profile on Instagram is with the name dr_peter_mccullough01.

But, the account of him is private so, not much information is known yet.

Peter’s Biography: Know his Parents Wife and Family

Well, Peter’s Bio has revealed many things about his personal life. Talking about his family, he was born to parents Thomas Leslie McCullough and Mary ruth McCullough.

He isn’t a single child but is surrounded by two siblings named Thomas McCullough Jr and Matthew McCullough. Peter further mentioned that his father served in a Western Electric factory in the role of a supervisor.

Whereas his mother, like any other woman, stayed at home looking after the children. His brother is all grown up, where Thomas serves as a senior vice president at Xanitos hospital, and Matthew portrayed the role of a senior vice president at an Investment company named Fidelity.

Peter’s wife’s name is Maha Buyuk. He mentioned that he met his spouse back in 1984. Moreover, he stated that she belongs to Jerusalem and follows a Palestinian Christian. 

The pair together tied the knot in 1988. He clarified it was the year he became graduated from medical school.

Peter McCullough Twitter Presence

Peter is with the name McCulloughBHVH on Twitter. He had provided the information of himself stating as Internal Medicine, Cardiology, heartplace.com, opinions his only.

He had joined the platform in January 2018. Peter has altogether 420 followers, with him following only 7 people. Well, his tweets are kept protected, so only the approved followers can see his tweets.

Peter McCullough Net Worth

Despite being a huge name, Peter’s net worth has not been given on the internet platform yet. We have to wait until he is exposed to his actual financial information.

We assume he must be living a blissful and lavished life.

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