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Rachael Latham Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

BBC reporter and former Paralympics swimmer Rachael Latham is not on the Wikipedia page yet. Everything you need to know.

Racheal is a well-known TV presenter who is currently working for a BBC as a sports broadcaster. 

She is a former Paralympic swimmer and has held a world record for the 50m butterfly. 

At present, she is the reporter for the Tokyo Paralympics, and everyone has grown interested in her. 

BBC: Rachael Latham Wikipedia 

Even though Rachael has a notable media personality, she is still not on the Wikipedia page. 

A professional broadcaster and an experienced Para Swimmer, Rachael has been successful in her career life. 

She is a 2011 alumnus from Sheffield Hallam University. She completed her studies in BSc in Sports management. 

Other than her being a broadcaster, Rachael is also an astounding motivational speaker. She has worked in this field for more than thirteen years. 

Starting from 2018, she has also worked in The Ability People as a consultant.

During her career development, she worked as a swimmer and managed to win a bronze and silver medal at the world championships.  

After retirement from her swimming career in 2010, Racheal became a sports reporter and presenter for more than five years at Channel 4. 

Being a successful person, Racheal has an estimated net worth of $850,000. 

Rachael Latham Age- How Old Is She? 

Rachael was born on 14 August 1989. She is 32 years old as of 2021 and has a zodiac sign of Leo. 

She grew up in her hometown Wigan, England, and is a part of a large family. 

She has a biological sister, three step-sisters, one half-brother, and an adopted young sister in her family. 

At the age of just 11, she competed in the National Championships, and at the age of 15, she got selected for representing Great Britain. 

At 17, she became a bronze and silver medallist being a world record holder. 

However, after an injury, she was forced to end her swimming career, and at present, she is a sports broadcaster.   

Rachael Latham- What Is Her Disability?

Former Paralympics swimmer, Rachael, was born with Erbs Palsy. Erbs Palsy is an arm paralysis, central nerves of the arms in the upper group due to an injury. 

She has battled with paralysis throughout her life and had gone through intense training. 

Despite having a disability, she has achieved loads of accomplishments in her life. Racheal has turned her disability into strength. 

Racheal stated that her mother, Kathy Latham, has always supported her in her life. She was always there for her in every moment. 

With her mother’s encouragement, she first started swimming at three years old and had to go through a lot of trouble with her one hand having paralysis. 

Kathy introduced Racheal to disability sports when she was just nine years old. 

At present, Racheal is married to her husband Anthony Kolanko, who is a business development manager. 

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