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Erica Wehrmeister Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Tiktok – Erica Wehrmeister Ascension Central CEO is trending after her tone-deaf answer to the hospital nurses.

With the surge COVID-19 pandemic, health workers are suffering from lots of issues. This includes overwork, less payment, and other mental stress. 

In the recent Tiktok, a nurse shared her alleged ill-experience with Ascension Central hospital.

Who Is Erica Wehrmeister on TikTok ? The Ascension Central CEO Under Controversy

Erica Wehrmeister is Ascension Central CEO who has gone viral in Tiktok recently. 

The controversial video about the negative treatment of Ascension Central towards their employees was posted by nurse Ashley Marie aka @allaboutme_ashley. The Tiktok featured the CEO of the Hospital, Erica Wehrmeister. 

In the 27 sec video, Wehrmeister first expresses her frustration towards the workers for some reason. And she asks the nurses to “go someplace else” if they don’t like the job.

Ashley later revealed that the issue was related to payment. Apparently, the employees were asking to raise salary instead of bringing more travellers at a higher rate. But, instead of addressing the concern, Erica allegedly started to give a different lecture.

The Ascension Central, including Wehrmeister, are receiving massive backlash after the tone-deaf reaction. Similarly, the Tiktok has garnered over 1.7 million views just in a single day. 

Erica Wehrmeister Salary & Net Work Explored 

Erica Wehrmeister adds a salary of at least $375,467 USD to her net worth each year. 

This is Erica’s earning as COO of The St. Vincent Hospital only. Her fortune as CEO of Ascension is not even officially reported. 

It is estimated that an average hospital President like Erica makes around $153,084 USD per year. The money can even increase up to $349,965 USD depending upon the role.

So, Wehrmeister might be making enough money to buy her a lavish life. But, her total assets and properties are still under review. 

Learn About Erica Wehrmeister Wikipedia

Erica Wehrmeister doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Erica is a professional nurse herself. She completed her Bachelors in Science from Ball State University. Likewise, she also has an MBA from Indiana Tech.

She has over 20 years of experience in the health sector. She first started out as a surgical nurse in Parkview Health in 2000 and was promoted as the Operation Room manager in 2006.

In 2010, Wehrmeister was appointed as the COO of Dupont Hospital. The next year, she served as COO of Lutheran Hospital.

She finally got her position at Ascension Indiana in 2019. Besides, she is also managing The St. Vincent Hospital as President of Central region.

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