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Raquel Pedraza Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Raquel Pedraza is the wife if Taylor Fritz. She is a tennis player who got married to Taylor Fritz. Taylor Frits gave up his study at the age of 16 in order to focus on study. He was on the top at the age of seventeen in the International Tennis Federation.

Taylor Fritz mentioned that Raquel Pedraza proposed him in 2016 under Eiffel Tower. He even said that Raquel Pedraza has always been there in his harsh time and has always supported him. He has also worked as a model with a famous brand and his photos are even available in magazines.

NameTaylor Fritz
Age22-23 years
Height5 feet 7 inches
ProfessionTennis Player
WifeRaquel Pedrazza

10 Facts on Taylor Fritz

Taylor Fritz is a young man whose age is between 22-23 at the present but has not mentioned his date of birth and place of birth.

Taylor Fritz is married. He is married to Raquel Pedraza. They were married at a young age.

He revealed that he has lots of responsibilities and mentioned that he enjoyed going to school rather than doing lots of practice.

 Yes, coupled welcomed their first son and he was just 19 when he became that. They were raised many questions because of their early marriage but they didn’t respond.

He has not unveiled any information related to his parents and other members of his family.

Taylor Fritz may have siblings but he has not opened up any information and name of his brothers and sisters.

Taylor Fritz has got lots of followers on his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others he keeps on updating his post.

He disclosed that he is a big fan of Manchester United, he never misses their match even when he is traveling in various parts of the world.

Taylors wife Raquel has been taking a break from her games in order to give full attention to her son.

Raquel Pedraza is also a good player who has been playing from the USA.

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