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Regan Hillyer Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Regan Hillyer is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, is a well known motivational speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She is known for training people to excel in their business ventures and be the best version of themselves.

Regan Hillyer’s results have landed her with a huge fan following and many believers. Regan does not work alone as she and her boyfriend both are motivational speakers. The couple holds online sessions and has helped them gain a huge amount of followers on social media.

So, who is Regan Hillyer? below are 10 Facts about Regan Hillyer that may help you find the answers to most of your queries about the widely known motivational speaker, coach, and entrepreneur:

Quick Facts: Regan Hillyer Net Worth And Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

NameRegan Hillyer
Height5 feet 7 inches
NationalityNew Zealand
Married/SingleIn a relationship

10 Facts About Regan Hillyer

Although no official sites have any data regarding her net worth, Regan Hillyer has mentioned that she runs an eight-figure business on her Instagram bios.

Regan Hillyer has fans and followers around the world but she still has not got a Wikipedia page dedicated to her.

As of January 2021, Regan Hillyer has not mentioned her being married but she is currently in a relationship with another motivational speaker; Juan Pablo Barahona.

Regan Hillyer hasn’t made her birthday available to the public but her age has been revealed and as of January 28, 2021, she is 30 years old.

She was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand but is currently spending her time in Costa Rica with Juan Pablo Barahona.

Regan is a beautiful woman who has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a weight of 55 kgs.

She won the title of Miss Wellington in 2009 before picking up a career as a motivational speaker.

Her Instagram account @reganhillyer is a verified account with over 313k followers with 3,865 posts. Her Twitter account has over 16k followers.

She also has her own website that helps people book sessions with her and allows them to purchase audio/video training.

Regan Hillyer does not have any children yet as she is more focused on her career.

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