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Rhianna Higgins Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The Paramedics Rhianna Higgins is facing severe backlash over her ambulance TikTok video. Stay with the article to find out more.

Rhianna Higgins is a Paramedic who works for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. She and her coworker Hattie Proctor were heavily criticized for their latest TikTok dance clip. The duo danced on the back of the work vehicle, and social media users are questioning their decision.

The company’s trust policy officially states that social media will not take a priority for the staff. Rhianna had been working for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service for around 18 months and has previously posted dancing in a break room and front of an ambulance.

Who Is Paramedics Rhianna Higgins?

Rhianna Higgins’s age is 25 years. Higgins is originally from Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Rhianna Higgins and her coworker, Hattie Proctor, were making the TikTok in the back of their vehicle on their break. They were fully uniformed and performed a dance routine in the back of an ambulance, reports Daily Mail.

Rhianna Higgins is not on Wikipedia. But, one can read about Higgins on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Rhianna Higgins TikTok Ambulance Video

The video was titled ‘Little boogie on break’ and was uploaded on August 15 and already has more than 274k views and 14.8k likes. It has gained mostly mixed reviews from the TikTok users. Most of the comments criticized the health workers questioning if they should be saving lives. Some people even appreciated Higgins and Proctor’s dance and said they were probably trying to relax on their break.

Neither Rhianna Higgins nor Hattie Proctor has commented on this issue since the video was uploaded.

Other videos on Rhianna’s TikTok account feature her pets and some dance routines. Higgins has more than 18k likes and 6.6k followers on the social media platform.

Is She On Instagram?

Rhianna Higgins is not on Instagram.

If Higgins is active on Instagram, she might have a different username.

Who Is Rhianna Higgins’s Boyfriend?

Rhianna Higgins has not revealed the name of her boyfriend to the public.

Higgins uploaded a TikTok video with a guy who seems to be her boyfriend on a partner. The video was upload on June 23 and has over 4.9k views on Rhianna’s TikTok account.

Rhianna sang the song WAP while using one of the TikTok filters on her boyfriend.

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