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Ria Graham Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Ria Graham, 27, runs Kokomo with her husband, Kev. The two started their Caribbean-themed restaurant in June 2020. Here is everything to know about Ria Graham, the co-owner of restaurant Kokomo Brooklyn.

In 2020 alone, Ria and Kev crossed a million dollars in sales. With almost $4 million in gross sales this year, Ria Graham has managed to have her net worth in the millions.

She is a mother to two beautiful children and an expert in Caribbean cuisine. Dividing time between her successful food joint Kokomo and her family, Ria Graham has become an inspiration to people around the globe.

Kokomo NYC Owner Ria Graham Age: How Old Is She?

Ria Graham is 27 years old by age.

As of now, the exact date of her birth is unavailable. The Insider revealed her age in a piece they did about her restaurant.

Ria opened up Kokomo alongside her husband in June of 2020. Only some months in, their joint is already a hit.

Their restaurant offers a unique spin on Caribbean dishes. Their cuisines include delicacies like sweet plantain pancakes, shrimp flatbread, braised oxtail, and jerk chicken.

Ria Graham Wikipedia Biography Explored

Ria Graham is the co-owner of the NY-based Kokomo restaurant. However, her biography is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

Graham grew up in a Caribbean family. Growing up, the nature of her family drew her attention towards cooking, especially rum and dessert.

The family had their recipes that were passed down over generations.

The 27-year-old makes her coconut rum and Good Guice based on those recipes. 

“We wanted to share a part of the Caribbean that we felt like wasn’t seen that much, and that’s the diversity of it,” Graham said to Insider.

Ria Graham Husband: Is She Married?

Ria Graham’s husband is Kevol Graham. The couple got married on August 12, 2018.

From their posts on Instagram, we can see that Ria was pregnant at her marriage.

A few months later, in September, she gave birth to their first baby.

Their second baby came along in March of 2020. Ria and Kev love to do extravagant family photoshoots alongside their children.

Besides being in love, Ria and Kev are also partners in crime. Together, they run a famous restaurant in New York called Kokomo.

According to Kev, it is “Brooklyn’s newest Caribbean Experience.”

Meet Ria On Instagram

The owner of Kokomo NYC has become quite popular on Instagram.

Riri Graham boasts a decent followers count of 12.6k on her Instagram account with the username @mrs.riagraham.

Ria’s IG bio says she is a “Lover of God” proud wife and mother. Moreover, she has mentioned that she is from Brooklyn and the co-owner of Kokomo. 

Currently, the link on her bio leads to a YouTube channel run by her and her husband, Kev. The channel called Kev & Ria already has over 10.9k subscribers.

Ms.Graham sports an elegant Instagram feed filled with professional photoshoots. She mainly uploads pictures of herself, her husband, and her children on the gram.

Ria is quite stylish and is not afraid to flaunt her wealth and bold fashion statements online.

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