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Robby Krieger Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Robert Alan Krieger a.k.a. Robby Kreiger is a well known American singer, songwriter, guitarist. The American musician has been long married to his wife Lynn Kreiger. The Kreiger couple has a child, a grown-up son named Waylon Kreiger. Aged 74, Robby is married to Lynn Kreiger for nearly five decades. In all those years of their marriage, the couple was never rumored of extra-marital affairs. 

NameRobby Krieger
BirthdayJanuary 8
Age74 years old
ParentsStu Krieger/ Marylyn Krieger
Net Worth$15 million
WifeLynn Krieger
ChildrenWaylon Krieger

The family of three is a very well tight-knit family. Following on his father’s footsteps, Robby Krieger’s son has Waylon Krieger pursued a career in music. Today he stands as an aspiring singer and is best known for his involvement with the music band Bloodline.

Robby Krieger Wife: Lynn Krieger

Lynn Krieger is best known as the wife of American musician Robby Krieger. Besides, there’s has not been much information about Lynn Krieger on the media outlets.

The only thing obvious about Lynn is she is from the United States just like her husband. So, her nationality is American and her ethnicity is white. Lynn and Robby have known each other for a long time.

Before getting married in 1972, the couple dated each other for 4 years. As per sources, Lynn and Robby met for the first time in the year 1968. Was it love at first sight or something close to it, the couple hit it off gradually after their first meeting.

Following 4 years of their relationship, the couple decided to get married. At the time of their marriage, Robby was 26 years of age.

Though Lynn’s age and Wikipedia are missing, she could have been around the same age as Robby when they got hitched. In 2020, Robby Kriger is 74 years of age. Possibly, Lynn could also be in her 70s. 

Robby and Lynn Krieger Son: Waylon Krieger

Married for 48 long years, Robby and Lynn Krieger had a single child, a son. The couple welcomed their only child, a son named Waylon Krieger a few years after their marriage. The exact date of Waylon’s birthday is not public. Waylon Krieger is currently 46 years of age. So, he was born in 1974/ 1975.

In 2015, the official Facebook page of the rock band, The Doors wished Waylon a happy birthday. The post was published on September 6. So, here it is, Waylon Krieger was born on September 6. Just like his mother, Waylon does not have a Wikipedia bio. 

He is a singer just like his father. Waylon is known for his band Bloodline. He was associated with the musical group in 1994. Some of his popular songs with Bloodline are Stone Cold Hearted, So Far Away, and The Good Luck You’re Having.

Aged, 46, Waylon could be a married man with a lovely wife and a few kids. However, there is nothing about Waylon’s love life, marriage, and kids in the media. The guy is quite personal when it comes to his family life. 

Where is Lynn Krieger Now? Her Instagram Profile

As discussed earlier, Lynn is popular because of her musician husband. The pair have been together for a long time now. There are some old pictures of the couple together that you can find on Google easily. But, there are not any latest pictures of Lynn on the internet. You might be wondering where she is; if she is dead or alive. 

Robby is very much married to Lynn in 2020. So, she is not dead. She lives with her husband somewhere in the United States. As seen on Robby’s Twitter page, he lives in Los Angeles, California. So, it is obvious that Lynn and her husband Robby are living in California in 2020. 

Lynn is not active on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

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