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Ronnie Sweatshirt Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Ronnie Sweatshirt is a popular TikTok star. He is often called as a Gay Makeup Witch. His makeups are stunning and anyone would surely think twice before calling him a girl. He is gay and is very popular right now for his TikTok videos. He mostly picks up content that is funny.

NameRonnie Sweatshirt
ProfessionTikTok Star, Makeup Artist

Apart from being just a TikTok star, Ronnie is a makeup artist as his nickname suggests itself. He has been polishing his makeup skills since he found out that he was gay. Now, he has gained tons of followers on his social media platforms and he is gaining popularity at a high rate. He is confident and isn’t afraid to show what he really his.

Now, he has turned into an inspiration to many people like him. His makeup works are being appreciated and he is very much happy to post his TikTok videos online. However, he has been caught for saying the F word many times which is letting his personality down. 

10 Facts About Ronnie Sweatshirt

Ronnie Sweatshirt’s exact date of birth remains unknown. However, he seems to be in his twenties right now. 

The information regarding his height, weight, and other body measurements will be known very soon. 

He is an American who was born in the United States. 

He is popularly known as a TikTok star. However, his main profession is a makeup artist. 

There’s not much information regarding his parents and siblings. 

The estimated net worth of Ronnie is being investigated. 

It seems he has been dating someone. 

He probably completed his graduation from one of the colleges in the United States.

He is readily available on TikTok. 

In fact, he has been able to gain more than 73.6 thousand followers on TikTok. Also, he has received nearly 1.6 million likes until today. 

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