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Sarah Chayes Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Sara Chayes, a popular reporter, is rumored to be Gay. Does she have a husband or a wife? 

Sara Chayes is an ex-senior associate at the Democracy and Rule of Law Program. Sara Chayes is popularly known for her insights into Corruption. She was also covering for National Public Radio on War in Afghanistan in 2002. Sara Chayes is also a writer and Journalist.

Her book “The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan after the Taliban.” As the Taliban recaptures Afghanistan, Sara Chayes again comes into the highlight.

Is Sara Chayes married? Who is her Husband or Wife?

Sara has not revealed anything in her personal life. So there is no basis for us to say whether she is married or not. 

Furthermore, as the rumor of her being gay continues, it arises new confusion whether she has a husband or a wife. Already being in her late 60s, the married life of the Journalist is still to be revealed. 

Find Sara Chayes Biography 

Sara Chayes was born on 5th March 1962 in Washington DC. She is currently 59 years old.

She has two older sisters named Gale Chayes and Eve Chayes. 

She earned her Master’s degree in History from Harvard University. 

Gay Rumors about Sara Chayes

The gay rumors about Sara Chayes are yet to be officially confirmed. Sara Chayes has never mentioned herself as being gay.

Due to her boyish look, she has been rumored to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Many new articles also seem to address Sara Chayes as S/he due to the ongoing confusion. Hopefully, we will get a clear answer regarding her sexual identity in the near future.

Get to Know Sara Chayes’ Parents

Abram and Antonio Chayes are the parents of Sara Chayes. Just as Sara Chayes, her parents are also public figures.

Her father, Abram Chayes was a Legal Advisor at State Department when Jhon F Kennedy was elected. He was also a law professor. While her mother, Antonio Handler Chayes, was a United States Lawyer and served in Air Force as Assistant Secretary. 

We can assume that she developed an interest in public service while growing up with her parents.

Follow Sara Chayes on Twitter

We can follow Sara Chayes on her Twitter account, which is under the username @Sarah_Chayes. 

She seems to be pretty active on her Twitter and has 7,188 followers following her tweets. Her bio reveals her passion for eradicating corruption in the operating system of global networks.

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