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Sarah Grimmer Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Sarah Grimmer is the Reporter and News Anchor for the Fox 17 online. She has been with the Network for quite a time noow, She has worked in the 9&10 News in Michigan. 

Moreover, Sarah has a very funny personality. She is full of jokes and enthusiasm. She entertains her social media followers with her exclusively sarcastic captions and photos. Well that is, apart from being pretty. 

NameSarah Grimmer
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10 Facts on Sarah Grimmer

Sarah Grimmer is a reporter and anchor for the Fox 17 Online. She was born and raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan, United States. 

Even though the reporter is very open about things, there isn’t any mention of her age on social media. Hence, her age is unknown for now. She looks surprisingly young though. 

Talking about her realtionship, she shares romantic relationship with her partner, Connor for more than 6 years now. The fact on whether they are married or not is still to be known. 

As for her children, she has a child named Noah according to her Instagram post. But she is often seen with a baby, Liam whom she loves more than anything. 

Moreover, there aren’t any details of her professional career online. Hence, the information about her salary ought to be on hold for now. 

Sarah is very active on Instagram. She has around 4500 instagram followers. She seems to share her ideas through the social networking site. 

Furthermore, she is also on Twitter and Youtube. She uploads her acnhored news on Youtube. She probably deserves more subscribers on youtube though. 

Despite her frankness, Sarah persistently kept her private life within herself. Her parents and family are in her heart even though they are not on her Instagram wall. 

Moreover, the reporter is very passionate for the job she does. She is always smiling on her photos. 

Likewise, she seems to have a lot of friends. And with that attitude, you wouldn’t wonder. 

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