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Sharon Graham Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

One of the members of Unite Union’s Left-wing is Sharon Graham. We assume she will be the first lady president of the union.

Sharon is considered a confidant woman who is most likely to beat Steve Turner, a person who is best loved by the union’s present general secretary, Len.

Sharon Graham Unite Wikipedia Bio

Her information has not been launched on the Wikipedia page as of now. However, her strong personality has attracted many other websites to cover up her recent updates.

Sharon serves as a Unite official and is currently a left winger too. Moreover, the lady has given a statement saying how she is not focused on the inside game; taking part within a political party but wants to be more active in solving workplace issues.

Her Bio reveals she has been graduated from high school at 16 of age. Later, she served as a waitress to earn the bread for a living. However, she walked out at her teenage for guarding laborers who are low-paid and abused.

When she meets in her late twenties, Sharon got engaged with TUC Organizing Academy. Since then, she is considered a strong, effective negotiation.

Sadly, there are very few facts known about her family. Sharon’s mother is of Irish nationality, whereas her father is a Geordie. Other than that, the lady hasn’t mentioned anything.

Learn more about Sharon’s husband Children

As of now, Sharon hasn’t mentioned anything relatable to her marital status. That’s the reason her husband’s information is not yet known. It also creates confusion about whether Sharon is married or not. 

Also, we are unable to find out whether she is a mother to kids or is still single. It seems she chose to remain silent on her details and focus more on professional conversations.

Despite not being active on any social media, we get to know more about her through the page on Twitter named UniteSharon which supports the lady’s work. We can see the recent update too.

There, all of the members and audiences have insisted to vote Sharon as a deserving candidate.

Sharon’s Age: How old is she?

She is 52 years of age. Except for her birth year i.e. 1969, other facts are not known. The lady originally belongs to West London, where she was brought up with her three siblings.

Sharon is not captured celebrating her birthdays yet.

Explore Sharon Graham Net worth

Sharon, as of the present scenario, hasn’t revealed anything on her net worth. We are unable to find the actual amount the lady earns. But we assume she has achieved and earned way more from her hard work.

We are in the process of finding the accurate details of the topic.

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