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Sharon Marie Huddle Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Sharon Marie Huddle is the wife of a famous killer Joseph James DeAngelo also known as The Golden State Killer who has killed and murdered almost 40 people. Her husband was a brutal killer who was also a former police officer and Vietnam war refugee. He is even accused of being a rapist but not sure if all these things were known to Sharon.

They were married for almost 40 years and they got married in the year 1973 and according to many reports, they got separated in the year 1991. Sharon had studies law in Sacramento, California, USA. She was a lawyer who later got married to a criminal and murderer person.

NameSharon Marie Huddle
Age60-70 years old
Heightapprox 5’4
Siblings1 (Brother)
HusbandJoseph James DeAngelo
DivorceIn 2018

10 Facts About Sharon Marie Huddle

Sharon Marie Huddle was probably born in 1953 in California and currently, she is in her late 60’s.

She and her husband met when she was studying law in Sacramento, California. She later became a lawyer

Sharon and  DeAngelo got married in the year 1973 and later they got separated in the year 1991 but they never legally filled for a diverse or anything as they were just living separately and later finally Sharon filled a diverse in 2018.

She didn’t know anything about her husband Joseph and his dirty job that he was doing during their 40 years long marriage and she later came to know in 2018 when she finally filled divorce.

They together have 3 children and all are daughters as their first daughter was born in September 1981, second in November 1986 and third in May 1989.

Her husband is accused of 13 murders more than 50 rape cases and almost 120 burgled.

Her 2 daughter among the 3 is a very successful person as her one daughter is a PhD candidate whereas another daughter is a well-known doctor.

She has asked the media and everybody to help her maintain the privacy of Sharon and her daughter.

Sharon husband worked as a police officer and had committed all these crimes during his time and he was fired in 1979 when he stole hammer and dog from a drug store in California.

Sharon brother thought DeAngelo was a good person as her sister had married him as he was also a police officer.

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