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Orange County deputy Shelby Abramson was suspended over a Tiktok video. Seems like rules are strict or officers in police uniform.

Tiktok videos related to the police department and officers are pretty popular. The hashtag #policeoftiktok has boasted over 500 million views on the platform. Yet, one officer was suspended for posting videos on Tiktok. 

Who Is Shelby Abramson Tiktok? Meet the Suspended Deputy

Shelby Abramson is a Tiktok star and Deputy offer at Orange County.

Shelby Abramson was suspended for posting Tiktok videos. She started making Tiktoks shortly after she was hired by the police department in 2019. However, after an internal investigation, the deputy was suspended for unbecoming conduct and insubordination.

Despite her suspension, Shelby Abramson continues to post Tiktok videos on her Id @Shelltothebeee.

According to the department, it allows officers to post on social media as civilian citizens. However, it refrains officers from posting contents that harm the public perception of the agency. 

On the other hand, the deputy had posted clips with explicit songs like”Me Too” by Kevin Gates while on the duty. Likewise, the song allegedly featured the F twice. This led the department to take serious actions.

How Old Is Shelby Abramson?

Shelby Abramson is 29 years old in age.

Orange County has given her 120 hours of suspension from the main department. However, she still remains on the work as the school resource officer.

Outside her work, Shelby maintains a happy family. Shelby Abramson is married to her husband Nick Obrien. Furthermore, she is the mother of two sons and a daughter.

Discover Her Instagram

You can find Shelby Abramson on Instagram as @shelltothebeee.

She boasts around 1.5k followers on the social site.  However, Tiktok continues to her main platform with above 80K followers. Furthermore, Shelby Abramson’s videos are popular on Facebook as well. 

Previously, the county had warned Abramson for live streaming on Tiktok. She stated that she misinterpreted the warning as ” only live streaming was not allowed while a work”. So, she continued to post on her social media. 

Abramson mentioned she wants to humanize the badge and present the good side of police via her Tiktok. However, the department has supervised her not to speak to any reports for now. 

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