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Lily Shelton Baur Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Lily Shelton Baur is a former Veiled Prophet Ball Queen. So what does it mean? Here are details related to it explained below.

Lily is a previous Veiled Prophet Ball Queen. The title is given to the Queen of Love and Beauty, founded by the prominent St. Louisans in 1978.

Every year one of the members from the Veiled Prophet Organization is chosen. Lily Shelton Baur is among woman who has been crowned.

Meet Veiled Prophet Queen On Instagram

Lily Shelton is active on Instagram.

A regular user of Instagram, Shelton has over 99 posts and is following more than 2 thousand.

The former queen is active on the platform with the username “@lily.baur.”

Until now, the account has amassed more than 2.7 thousand followers.

Was Ellie Kemper Veiled Prophet Ball Queen?

Yes, Ellie Kemper has been a Veiled Prophet Ball Queen.

She is a native who grew up in St. Louis and was named the Queen of the year 1999.

Kemper was only 19 years of age. The dispatch also has a photo of her in the ceremony on their front pages.

Former The Office actress is trending all over social media past few days.

It is creating a different kind of controversy on Twitter since the event has created racism and discrimination in society.

Lily Shelton Baur Wikipedia

Lily Shelton Baur is one of the Veiled Prophet Queens.

She was crowned in the 135th Annual Veiled Prophet (VP) Ball held in December 2019.

Lily was among 54 women honored for their community service. Before her, Miss Cecelia Ann Fox held the title for a year.

Shelton is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Baur of Ladue.

The native of Missouri graduated from the Mary Institute and Country Day College.

She is currently completing her major in Journalism at the University of Mississippi.

The title is basically a debutante; it is given to aristocratic or upper-class family backgrounds.

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