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Soichi Noguchi Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Soichi Noguchi cherishes his life with his wife in Houston. And the astronaut never hesitates to give her a sophisticated lifestyle from the considerable net worth he earned throughout his career.

Learn everything about the Japanese astronaut in the article below. 

Soichi is a 56-year-old Japanese astronaut. He is an aeronautical engineer and astronaut at JAXA. 

He has set a Guinness Worl Record for the longest time between spacewalk. The record is about 15 years and 214 days. 

Who is Soichi Noguchi’s Wife? 

As per The Economic Times, Soichi Noguchi’s wife’s name is Miwa. 

She is now living in Houston. Besides this, we cannot find any information about her on the internet. 

Soichi has also not shared anything about her on his social media.

Soichi Noguchi’s Net Worth

Noguchi’s net worth is not revealed yet.

However, we have data on how much an astronaut gets paid. 

Soichi belongs to JAXA astronauts, and recently, he is working for NASA.

As per the Chron, an average one-year wage of NASA astronauts begins at $66,000 up to $151,092. This amount varies as civil salaries and military salaries. A military-based astronaut earns more than civil astronauts. 

The post in the military also can affect the earning of an astronaut. Soichi was involved in scout. And he is serving as an astronaut since 1996. 

Therefore, we believe that Soichi Noguchi’s net worth is in the millions. 

Soichi Noguchi’s Family

There is not much about Soichi’s personal life on the internet. 

Regarding his family, we only know he has a wife and two grown-up daughters. 

Noguchi’s wife lives in Houston and his daughters in Tokyo. 

He was born in Yokohama, Japan. His ethnicity belongs to the Japanese.

It seems that Soichi wants his family to be away from the media. There is no more valid information about his personal life and family. 

Sochi seems active on social media, but he only shares his professional life over there.

He is already listed on Wikipedia. However, that also lacks his family details. 

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