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Tamika Palmer Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Tamika Palmer is the mother of Breonna Taylor. She is the front face of the Justice for Breonna Taylor movement. The movement started after Breonna was shot by the police in her own apartment. 

Furthermore, the grand jury decided to provide Tamika with $12 million dollars. However, the culprits weren’t charged. As a result, Palmer has decided to continue the movement.

NameTamika Palmer
ChildrenBreonna Taylor (dead) and Juniyah Palmer

10 Facts on Tamika Palmer

Tamika Palmer is the mother of the late Breonna Taylor. She is an activist fighting for her daughter’s justice. However, Tamika’s age and birthday are currently not known. 

Although Tamika is related to one of the controversial cases of America, her Wiki page is yet to be written. But, you can read this article to find facts about her.

Palmer uses her Instagram to raise voice for her late daughter. In fact, her IG handle @tamikalpalmer has already received support from 44.8k people. 

Following her bio, Tamika is a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. Furthermore, she belongs to black ethnicity. 

While Tamika remains outspoken on her daughter’s case, her husband seems absent from the scenario. In fact, the identity about Taylor’s father is protected till now 

Speaking about her other family members, Tamika has a total of 2 children. Her other daughter is named Juniyah Palmer. In addition, Juniyah is also an active member of the protest.  

Tamika’s daughter, Breonna Taylor, was a 26 years old woman. Unfortunately, she was shot by the Lousivliie Police on March 13, 2020, inside her own apartment. 

The police officers were identified as Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove. That incident led to the untimely death of Breonna. 

Recently, the grand jury announced that it will compensate Tamika with $12 million dollars as the case settlement. However, Palmer expressed her disappointment with the decision.

Palmer has decided to continue the fight. She states that she will not rest until the culprits are arrested. 

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