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Theo Pourchaire Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Is Theo Pourchaire the F2 race car driver killed today? To know everything about the French driver and the accident, keep reading. 

Theo Pourchaire is a French racing driver.

Currently, he is racing in the FIA Formula 2 Championship for the ART Grand Prix team. He won the 2019 ADAC Formula 4 and the 2018 French F4 Junior Championship. Similarly, he is a runner-up of the 2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship.

Pourchaire became a member of the Sauber Junior Team after signing to US Racing-CHRS. In June 2020, he renewed his contract. 

On 5 December 2021, he met a horrible accident while racing in Saudi Arabia. It didn’t look like he had severe injuries as he walked out of his car and even gave thumps up to the crowd.

Theo Pourchaire Accident: F2 Race Car Driver Killed Today? 

Theo Pourchaire and Enzo Fittipaldi had a horrible accident at the beginning of the F2 race in Saudi Arabia.

Neither of the two got severe death-causing injuries. Nonetheless, the emergency and medical crew did immediately attend to the injured. 

The devastating crash red-flagged the race. It all happened when Pourchaire, lined up P3, stalled on the grid for the final F2 race of the weekend in Saudi Arabia. Most of the racers launched past him, but the P18 starter Fittipaldi couldn’t avoid it as he slammed into the back of the ART car.

Despite that, both the racers remained conscious.

As for the race, it began after a time limit of 20 minutes plus one lap. However, it didn’t see the end as Oli Caldwell and Guilherme Samaia collided. Due to this, the race wasn’t able to resume.

As a result, Alpine junior Oscar Piastri became victorious. Fortunately, none of the drivers involved had severe injuries.

Theo Pourchaire Health Condition & Update

After the horrible accident, Theo Pourchaire was the first racer to exit the car. He even gave thumps up to the crow while getting into the ambulance. That wonderful gesture received a whole lot of cheer from the crowd. 

As for Fittipaldi, he was taken to a helicopter and then to a hospital. In the process, he moved his arms which showed that he was conscious. It seems the racer had difficulties getting out of the car as he was stuck. As for the injuries, he probably has some leg problems.

Both got transferred to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, for further treatment. Hopefully, there isn’t much problem with the two.

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