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Thomas Sewell Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Thomas Sewell is also the leader of the National Socialist Network at present. Sewell is extremely racist as he is part of a white supremacist group. 

The police are looking for Thomas Sewell after he attacked a security guard in Melbourne’s Channel Nine building on the evening of March 1, 2021, reports The Age. Sewell uploaded the footage on the Internet. The second person with Thomas was using racial slurs at the guard.

Thomas Sewell Age and Wikipedia Revealed

Thomas Sewell’s age might be in the late 30s.

Thomas Sewell is yet to have a Wikipedia page of his own. One can read about Sewell’s bio in recent news articles. Thomas Sewell is the founder of the National Socialist Network.

It is a white supremacist neo-Nazi group with members from the big cities of Australia. National Socialist Network is more extremist and explicit than the Lads Society with its ideology. On its official website, it says it is loyal to National Socialism, and it seeks revolution.

Who Is Thomas Sewell’s Wife And Family?

The name of Thomas Sewell’s wife is private.

Any information about Thomas Sewell’s personal life, such as his family, children, and parents, is kept away from the media.

Thomas Sewell is a Neo-Nazi and far-right extremist. It is unclear which political party Thomas is a member of.

Sewell Education And Background Details Revealed

Thomas Sewell’s educational details are private.

In November 2019, a video of Thomas planning to recruit members under the appearance of a men’s fitness club got leaked, reports The Guardian.

Thomas went to Channel Nine with one of his friends and ordered to see a Current Affairs Staff. In the video, Sewell is hitting the security guard, and then Thomas held him down on the ground in the attack. Sewell went to the building after A Current Affair’s story aired content about his group.

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