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Tiffany Cross Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Tiffany Cross had surgery in September 2020. Find out if the MSNBC journalist is married or not.

Currently, Tiffany hosts The Cross Connection, which is aired on MSNBC. She has been working there since December 2020.

Furthermore, she is famous for being the author of Say It Louder: Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy.

Tiffany Cross Surgery: What Happened To Her Eye?

Tiffany Cross had eye surgery which left her in intense pain for months.

After her surgery, a picture was revealed showing the improvement of her right eye and eyelid. Reportedly, she had been losing her hair in the process.

At the crucial period, Tiffany had no health insurance. Fortunately, she received her healthcare from Obama Care.

Well, she had first thought that her eye surgery would be a short procedure. However, Dr. Duss took four hours to maintain her eyes completely.

According to the surgeon, she had scar tissue from previous eye surgeries. So, Dr. Duss had to use her muscles from the other eye to reconstruct everything until both her eyes looked good.

Is Tiffany Cross MSNBC Married?

Tiffany Cross hasn’t been married yet.

Reportedly, she lives all by herself. Already 42 years of age, she is still not bothered about her married life.

Everybody wonders who her future husband will be. However, the author is very happy with what she has and is totally focused on her career.

Furthermore, she doesn’t have any children. Also, we have nothing to share about her family life at the moment.

Everything To Know About The MSNBC Journalist

Tiffany Cross is a journalist working at MSNBC since she started hosting Cross Connection.

Previously, she was the Institute of Politics Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. From July 2016 to December 2019, she worked at The Beat DC as their co-founder and managing director.

Speaking about her education, Tiffany obtained her Mass communication degree from Clark Atlanta University. Since January 2006, she is a volunteer at Calvary Women’s Services.

Local reports suggest that Tiffany’s net worth is about $700 thousand. Soon, her fortune will cross a million-dollar mark for sure.

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