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Todd Winkler Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Todd Winkler? Keep reading this interesting article below till the end to know his wife and private life.

Todd Winkler is an Air Force Academy graduate and former pharmaceutical executive. He was sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment for murdering his second wife Rachel Winkler.

In fact, he stabbed his wife with a pair of scissors within the presence of three children in the house.

It was a deadly furious, and terrible death. The double-faced man Todd Winkler is in prison lately.

Todd Winkler Wikipedia Explored

Todd Winkler has no legit Wikipedia page lately.

However, we can find his mini-bio on Reddit. 

Meanwhile, he has no profile on social media platforms now. He is unavailable on Twitter and Instagram.

Regarding his date of birth, his age is unknown now. By taking a look at his profile, he must be around 50-55 years.

We can’t trace his family background and relatives at the moment.

Whatsoever, Todd Winkler is a father of three children and widower of two wives.

Todd Winkler Wife And Children 

Todd Winkler was happily married to his wife Rachel Winkler till 2012. 

Moreover, Todd killed his second wife with scissors. His wife was about to leave him. Maybe, that’s the reason he stabbed his wife with sharp scissors.

However, Winkler’s first wife Catherine Winkler was killed in a car accident while camping in Georgia. Well, his behavior has proved that we should not judge anyone with his looks.

No one had ever imagined that an air force graduate would murder a person in a terrible way.

Where Is He Today?

Todd Winkler is in state prison right now. 

In short, he is currently serving his death penalty in prison. 

According to Sacbee, Dateline covered the trial on Friday. He was found guilty of the first-degree murder of his wife on the 22nd of October after a four-week murder trial.  

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