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Tonny Sorensen Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Tony Sorenson in Von Dutch, a successful Danish entrepreneur, is best known for his iconic brand. Get more familiar with him and his lifestyle. 

Famous brand Von Dutch and the story behind the brand creator is the hottest topic lately on the web. People who have known the Von Dutch as the top fashion are stunned by the unpredictable story behind it. 

The biggest brands in the world and the hat that everyone loves most probably brings back the memories of the 2000s for the people. 

Tonny Sorenson, being one of the men who created the brand, came to light once again. What makes people curious is his personal life story. 

Who Is Tonny Sorensen In Von Ducth? 

Tonny might have been famous by the brand Von Dutch, but he has been a multi-talented entrepreneur in different fields of his career. At present, he co-founded Planet Illogica and is a chief executive officer. 

What’s more, is that Sorensen has come to people’s attention again after the series “The Curse of Von Dutch.” At the time, the brand had taken over the market and fascinated celebrities. 

It might come as to surprise but, Tonny has got involved in different sectors throughout his career development. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering along with a degree in Business and Trade. 

On top of that, Sorensen is a Taekwondo champ, known for winning a gold medal in World Taekwondo Championships 1991 in the Heavyweight division. 

All things aside, he has earned himself a great reputation in the industry of fashion. 

Tonny Sorensen Net Worth 

Tonny is a well-known entrepreneur who has been successful in his professional life. He has also co-founded the clothing brand the California Christiania Republic.  

So, what could be the lifestyle of such a prominent person? Well, he must have lived a decent life with a fair amount of earnings. 

Not that he has ever disclosed the details about his net worth. But it got estimated to be around $20 million. 

His value might not match with his real amount. However, he has lived a prestigious life. 

Uncloak Tonny Sorensen Age And His Family

57-years-old Tonny got raised in his hometown in Copenhagen, Denmark. As he grew up, he started growing interest in a different area for his career.

Getting success in every part of his life, Sorensen has now become the most renowned public figure. As per Wikipedia, Tonny has at least one child. 

But the information regarding his wife remains unknown to date. Also, Sorensen, not mentioning anything about his romantic life; his love life remains pretty vague. 

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