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Waiian Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Waiian is an emerging musical artist who has been generating a noteworthy quality of music. He streams his music through Spotify and other internet platforms a swell.

ProfessionMusical Artist

The first thing we noticed about Waiian is his grand smile and a relaxed vibe. We haven’t really known all about his life, but it looks like he is doing great currently and is fulfilled with his creative pursuits upon seeing how much he has shared.

10 Facts On Waiian

Waiian is a musical artist who has been delivering unique and mesmerizing tracks to his audiences, mostly through streaming platforms.

Waiian is certainly a man of a younger age group. However, we don’t know exactly how old he is, and the sole reason is that he’s never thought he has to share his age.

We don’t know his parents’ and siblings’ names, but we will publish it once the information is available.

The wiki details of Waiian are harder to obtain because he doesn’t have a Wikipedia as of yet. However, he could get more famous in the coming days.

We don’t really know what his nationality is. Judging from his face, he has an Asian descent for sure, but he has not revealed his current residence’s whereabouts.

Waiian’s real name also remains undiscovered. People haven’t scratched even the surface of all his bio details so far.

Details on his net worth and other financial details are not that well known. Having said that, we can speculate that he must be doing well, considering he has 76k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Waiian doesn’t have a girlfriend. He could also have kept details about his relationship secret, which is why we will stick with “we don’t know if Waiian has or doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

Waiian loves using social media, but he uses it scarcely. He has 21k followers on his Twitter account.

On Instagram, he has 34.7k followers and has uploaded 23 posts until now.

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