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What Nationality Is Darrell Brooks? Ethnicity and Race, Was It A Hate Crime?

Darell Brooks, of American nationality, is an African-American rapper and criminal arrested two times in the past year alone. Find more about the culprit.

Darell Brooks drove his SUV into the Christmas Parade and killed five people, injuring 40 others.

He was released just 6 days before the brutal killing, and he was jailed for trying to kill his girlfriend in a run-over by the exact vehicle.

The Ford Escape SUV of red color that he drove on November 21, 2021, was traced back to him, and he was chased by the authority when he hid into a house and locked all entry doors on the officers.

As his previous records show, Darell had a criminal trait of resisting arrest and attacking the authorities involved in the chase.

What Nationality Is Darrell Brooks? 

Darrell Brook, the fugitive captured from the Waukesha SUV attack, carves an American nationality and bonafide citizenship.

However, his life is filled with terrors he showers at other lives and the series of criminal penalties against his name. 

Darrell, who has been pretty active in the rap music scene under the alias name MathBoi Fly, is of a Wisconsin origin.

He was raised in the Milwaukee region of the Wisconsin state and then relocated to Peoria, Illinois.

He also settled in the Richmond region of California at some point in time when his criminal offenses grew wilder, and he knew no boundaries.

He was arrested for battery in 1999, illegal marijuana possession in 2002, and then obstructing and hitting an officer back in 2003.

In 2006, he tried having inappropriate relations, which he called ‘consensual sex with a 15-year-old girl, who bears a child with him later.

He was sent to probation for his minor abuse, but just 4 years later, he tried to kill someone by strangulation.

In 2011, he was arrested for marijuana possession again, and in 2012 he held lethal doses of THC compound.

In 2012, he also tried to violate the initially assigned probation rule, tried running away from the authorities, and then 4 years later, he failed to attend court and obey his delegated sex offender laws.

Darrell Brooks Ethnicity and Race Explored 

Darrell Brooks carves a mixed American- African ethnicity, and he belongs to the black African racial group.

He has been convicted of many crimes throughout his life and released on bail many times.

His hatred for the police department and the lack of morality for other people, and absolutely no remorse have caused the criminal to attack more people, this brutally.

Since 1999, he has been charged with at least 12 crime offenses, and his latest crime was trying to hit and kill his girlfriend with the same 2020 Ford Escape SUV.

He was bailed for just 500 dollars; a huge cut off from his initially assigned $10000 bail in November.

Is Darrell Brooks Racist? Was It A Hate Crime?

More than just racist, Darrell Brook has his angst against the police department, and the inbuilt abhor for the entire race of people who have collectively appealed against his previous arrests.

The prison time hardened his already criminal heart, and he went on his so-called ‘redemption track’ to avenge the prior prison time.

He killed five people with his SUV and injured 40 survivors out of all hate for humanity and the entire race in the Christmas incident.

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