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Who Is Ezra Blount Astroworld? 9-Year Old In Coma After Travis Scott Concert

Following the Astroworld crowd surge tragic incident, A 9-year-old boy Ezra Blount is in a coma. But who is he? Here are the details you want to learn about the young boy.

Ezra Blount is a victim. He got trampled and separated from his father in the crowd surge, which happened on November 5 in the Astro World fest Travis’s concert. 

Moreover, Ezra is fighting for his life in the hospital. To his father and family, it’s really heartbreaking news. Ezra’s grandfather said, “he didn’t deserve this.” He went to the concert on his father’s shoulder. No one knows that Ezra was in the hospital fighting for life for hours as he was separated from his dad and trampled. He was taken to the hospital immediately, as per the reports.

We can’t even measure how Ezra’s family is going through at this time. It’s a tragic moment for them for sure.

Who Is A Victim Of Astroworld Fest Ezra Blount?

Ezra is a 9-year-old kid, who became a victim of the Astroworld crowd surge. His dad passed out due to the crowd, and his son fell from his dad’s shoulder. 

As noted by the source, Ezra’s body organs like liver, lungs are damaged, including brain swelling. People are praying for his quick recovery. 

Ezra’s grandfather was hurt by how his grandson lying on the bed unconscious. He questioned, how could this kind of terrible incident happen in Houston? The management team of the concert is not taking any precautions and safety for the people. 

Ezra Blount Aged 9 Is In Coma After The Incident

Ezra is fighting for his life in the hospital, and his family was deeply in trauma. His family is expecting that his son could get back to normal soon. Ezra’s parents are missing Ezra’s cheerful face. 

Not only for Ezra’s family but the family who lost their lives in the deadly Astroworld crowd surge last week was unforgettable. The deceased teenager of different ages family members is still going through the pain.    

Ezra Blount Went Along With His Father In Travis Scott’s Concert

Ezra was on his father’s shoulder when the massive crowd erupted that killed eight people, including nine-year-old Ezra.

As per NY Post, Ezra was taken to the hospital on Friday due to a cardiac arrest. When his father came to his senses, he later found out that his son was booked as John Doe in the hospital, the station reported to his family.

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