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Who Is John Chisholm Milwaukee? Released Darrell E Brooks Last Week -Details To Know

John Theodore Chisholm has been the District Attorney of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He plowed through a crowd of Waukesha Christmas parades, running down dozens of people. Know what happened to him

On Sunday, November 21, a video surfaced of an African-American man speeding in Waukesha during a holiday parade. The man mowed down several people, killing a minimum of 5 people, and dozens of civilians were injured.

The suspect of the mass murder is identified as Darrell E Brooks. The attorney John Chisholm Milwaukee is currently under fire after the Milwaukee district office released Brooks on bail despite having criminal charges before the massacre. News media, netizens, and the public are fuming after the incident.

Who Is John Chisholm Milwaukee?

John Theodore Chisholm, better known as John Chisholm, is a prosecutor and politician from America. He has been serving as the Milwaukee County District Attorney for more than 14 years.

Chisholm was an expert on conspiracy conviction before he was elected as district attorney in 2006. He is infamously known for the prosecution of public corruption in the local and state government.

He gained national recognition for his criminal justice reform policies in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Released Darrell E Brooks

Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. has been in the media for the past day because of his felony of manslaughter. He sped his SUV through a crowd of Christmas parades in Waukesha, running over dozens of people.

The rampage has claimed the lives of five people and injured many more. Brooks is a rapper; when he was identified, police found multiple counts of domestic and sexual abuse felonies. Videos on his social accounts hinted that Brooks supports black nationalist views.

Two days before the horrifying incident took place, Brooks was released on a mere $1000 bond for his domestic violence and sexual abuse offenses. The Milwaukee district office handled the case under John Chisholm’s authority. Chisholm is a promoter of the far-left perspective.

He also bragged about his pre-trial detention reform on Twitter, where he talks about not holding individuals in custody with cash bails. People on various platforms are calling out the attorney because of the situation.

John Chisholm Milwaukee -Age And Wife

Chisholm is currently 58 years old. He was born on born March 14, 196, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. He attended Marquette University High School in 1981 and Marquette University in 1986.

Details regarding his current marital status are not revealed to the public. If any new information on the politician’s life is known, we will update it.

What Is John Chisholm Milwaukee Net Worth 2021?

Chisholm has an estimated net worth of $2 million to $5 million. Most of his income comes from his profession as a political and attorney.

His current Milwaukee County District Attorney salary is not available yet as it is still under review. Nevertheless, he is one of the wealthiest prosecutors in the world.

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