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William Jeffreys Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Officer William Jeffrey family mourns his death. He was shot multiple times at Timber Ridge Apartments. Find more about him.

William was a senior police officer shot and killed in the 5300 block of Aeropark Drive in northeast Harris County. The incident happened at around 7:30 on a Monday morning while he was on duty and served a warrant in Harris County.

As per the report released by HPD (Houston Police Department), two officers were shot while they were on duty to execute a narcotics arrest warrant at the complex.

Further, HPD Chief Troy Finner said Senior Officer Jeffrey was shot multiple times also in his chest, due to which he later died of injuries. Jeffrey has served for more than 30 years in the police department.

Another officer with him was Sgt. Michael Vance is injured as he was shot many times in his leg. Currently, Sgt. Vance has undergone surgery at Memorial Hermann Hospital, and his condition is fine. He has been serving the department for 20 years.

Officer William Jeffreys Family & Wife

Officer William Jeffrey was a married man, and he was married to Suzanne.

His wife, Suzanne, is a retired police officer from the police force. She recently retired from the party. The couple had a child together; her name is Lacie Jeffrey. She was devastated after hearing her father had been killed.

She said her dad always thought he was a Superman.

 As per reports, they were planning to build their ideal home.

However, not many details are known about Jeffrey’s family, parents, and wife.

William Jeffreys Hpd Shot And Killed

William Jeffrey was the one police officer who was shot multiple times while executing a narcotics arrest warrant. He was pronounced dead while he was taken to the hospital. 

Jeffreys was on duty with Sgt. Michael Vance, where the suspect fired openly to them. Sgt. Vance was also shot in his legs, and he has currently undergone surgery in the hospital.

What has happened is they had gone to the apartment to execute a narcotics arrest warrant, where they made contact with a lady who answered the door. As they spoke to her, the suspect was on a contract that emerged and opened fire on the officers. 

Despite the injury, officers were able to return fire and kill the subject. However, the suspect killed Jeffrey and injured Sgt. Vance.

William Jeffrey Age & Wikipedia

William Jeffrey was 54 years of age when he was killed.

His exact birth details and birthday are yet to be discovered. He has served the Houston police department for an extended period- more than 30 years. He has devoted his entire life to the force. 

Moreover, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, and his biography has been covered by several online media, news, and articles. What has happened to him and how he was killed are the trending topics on the internet recently.

William Jeffrey Facebook

Senior Officer William Jeffrey’s death news is trending on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

On Reddit and Facebook, his death is discussed briefly, and people are pouring their obituaries and condolence to his family members. We can find regular updates on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook regarding the case.

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