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Annabel Rose Meenan Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Annabel Rose Meenan is a woman who lost her life on December 4, 2021; however, the cause of death is still unclear because initially, it was said to be due to intoxication, but more nuances are disclosed now.

Annabel Rose is a residence of Spring City. She was found dead in her own house. The investigation is ongoing about her death, and much news is coming about the cause of the death and her partner’s relation to it.

Annabel’s death has stunned her entire family and people close to her. She was a young and kind woman who had touched so many people, so they are sad that she is no more with them.

Who Was Annabel Rose Meenan?

Annabel Rose Meenan was a young woman who died on December 4 due to unclear reasons. She spent her entire life in Pennsylvania.

Annabel went to high school in her hometown at Downingtown East High School. She was a cheerleader there. She also played flugelhorn in the marching band. She was very friendly and famous in her school.

Currently, she is employed in Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. She was a very exuberant young lady and an outgoing person. She was pretty popular among her friends’ circle.

Obituary: Annabel Rose Meenan Cause Of Death

Annabel Rose Meenan died on December 4; the cause of death was indicated by the initial report to be alcohol intoxication; however, now, as the investigation is going in more depth, the case seems to have taken another turn.

Initially, the report showed intoxication. However, many wounds in her body indicate something more than alcohol is involved in her death. Blood was also found in her house.

This indication has directed her partner’s involvement in her death. He has been taken under arrest for domestic abuse, as per various sources, so more updates can be expected soon.

Who Are Annabel Rose Meenan Family 

Annabel Rose Meenan’s family lived in Pennsylvania. Annabel parents are Jill Hunsberger and Brian Meenan. She was raised with two siblings. She was very close with them. 

Her siblings are Emily and Ethan Meenan. The entire family misses her. Her untimely demise has astounded her family and has pushed them toward despair. She would always be remembered.

Her loss won’t be forgotten by her family anytime soon. She has left a wonderful memory with her family. Her relatives are sharing their condolences on various social platforms.

Annabel Rose Meenan Age

Annabel Rose Meenan’s age was 21 years old. On May 3, 2000, she was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She was a very active person from her childhood, so she always participated in various activities.

She has always been nice to people and was able to impact them, so many of her co-workers are missing her and expressing their sorrow.

It can be expected that as the investigation moves forward, more details about her death will come forward, and many unanswered questions will be answered.

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