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Sylvie Brett Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Is Sylvie Brett pregnant in real life? There are rumors that the Chicago Fire Actress Kara Killmer is expecting a baby in real life. Learn more about it.

In the series, Sylvia Brett has already been pregnant, and fans speculate that she is pregnant again.

Sylvie Brett is a fictional character portrayed by Kara Killmer, a stunning American actress.

NBC drama series Chicago Fire and the associated series Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. made up the One Chicago franchise since 2014.

Chicago Fire: Is Sylvie Brett Pregnant In Real Life? 

The news about the Chicago Fire Sylvie Brett actress being pregnant has been rampant recently. However, it seems to be a rumor only as the Actress and her agency have not accepted it.

There is no indication from the Actress and her husband about a possible pregnancy.

Thus, We can say that the Actress is not pregnant. However, She might be considering expanding her family as she has been married to her husband Andrew Cheney for more than six years already.

Andrew proposed to Kara at the edge of the Grand Canyon while they took a trip to Grand Canyon in 2015. Killmer said yes to the proposal, and the couple became officially married in 2016. 

Fans have said their love story to be a whirlwind romance. Over the years, Kara and Andrew have come across as a loving and supportive couple who are enjoying their married life very much.

Is Chicago Fire Actress Kara Killmer Expecting Baby In Real Life

There has not been any official news by the actress yet of the possible pregnancy of actress Kara Killmer. She had been pregnant in the show previously and was pregnant in real life and gave birth to her daughter.

But now it’s not sure if she is pregnant or not; however, fans are suspecting that she is pregnant.

Kara Killmer, also known as Sylvie Brett of the famous American TV series Chicago Fire has been married to her husband Andrew Cheney since May 14. 2016.

Kara has lived for more than five years as a married woman. Killmer met her husband Andrew Cheney officially in the movie “Beyond The Mask” sets.

Who is Kara Killmer Husband Andrew Cheney – Her Married Life

Kara Killmer is married to her husband, Andrew Cheney.

Since they were co-stars and spent most of their time together, they became close and began dating while shooting for Beyond the Mask.’ They introduced each other to the family the same year. After which, things moved at a fast pace for the couple.

The couple tied the knot on May 14, 2016. They have been married for about six years.

Andrew Cheney is also an actor who is renowned for his roles in Beyond the Mask(2015), Champion (2017), and Seasons of Gray (2013). He is also recognized as Kara Killmer’s husband.

On January 11, 1982, Cheney was born in the United States of American. He will soon be turning 40 years old as his birthday is just around the corner.

According to various sources, Andrew Cheney’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, and he has mixed ethnicity. Talking about his professional career, Andrew is an actor. Cheney began his acting career in 2009 with his debut short movie ‘Daisy Chain.’

After that, he acted in various movies such as Serving Justice, JJ.A.W, Rebels of the Book: The Final Word, Seasons of Gray, etc, he made a breakthrough in his career with the film “Beyond The Mask” where he co-starred with his wife, Kara Killmer.

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