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Richard Delisi Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Richard Delisi is a Florida man who had been caught as a part of the reverse-sting operation for trafficking cannabis into Florida. It has been known that he was charged with racketeering and trafficking in cannabis and later was sentenced to 90 years of prison. According to the reports claimed by CNN, he was found smuggling more than 100 pounds of marijuana from Colombia into Florida. 

NameRichard Delisi
Age71 years
Children3 (including Rick Delisi)

In fact, Richard Delisi spent a total of 31 years on marijuana charges and this is would be the 32nd year if he had kept serving the prison. However, on December 8, 2020, he was released from the South Bay Correctional Facility. He had been serving the prison since 1989 and is considered to be the longest-serving inmate in the United States for the conviction of cannabis. 

10 Facts on Richard Delisi

Richard Delisi met his family members as soon as he was released. It has been known that he had met his two grandchildren on December 8, 2020.

Moreover, he had a son who died at the age of 23. Along with that, his daughter got paralyzed after a horrific car accident. 

Furthermore, he could never see two of his granddaughters too. 

Talking about his parents, they are no more in this world and they had died when he was in prison. 

After he got released, he met his son Rick Delisi who was just 11 years old when he had said goodbye to his father. Now, he is already 43 years old and is very happy to see his father again. 

Now, Richard Delisi himself is already 71 years old. 

Another sad story is about his love life as his wife is no more in this world. 

Since he was never outside the bars since 1989, he never used any social media. 

Even though he was mistaken as an Italian criminal, his nationality is actually American. But, as he has got deep Italian roots, his ethnicity is said to be Italian-American. 

Although we cannot read Richard Delisi’s bio on any sites, we hope you have learned a lot about him after reading these 10 facts. 

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