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Candy Montgomery Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Is Candy Montgomery on Wikipedia? Her story attracted HBO who are coming up with a new series Love And Death.

Candy Montgomery was the chief suspect of a murder in 1980. Reportedly, she killed her friend, Betty Gore, with an ax. This infamous murder gave her a nickname – “Axe Murderer”.

This story of the murder was first scripted in a 1984 book entitled Evidence of Love. Six years later, a movie named A Killing in a Small Town was released based on her story.

Candy Montgomery Wikipedia Explored

Candy Montgomery’s information is unavailable on her Wikipedia profile.

However, we can find a lot about her from A Killing in a Small Town‘s Wikipedia page. Stephen Gyllenhaal directed the movie, and it features Barbara Hershey, who plays the role of Candy Morrison (film name of Montgomery).

Recently, the very popular actress Elizabeth Olsen announced that she would star as Candy in the upcoming HBO series, Love and Death. Even after 31 years of the incident, the story remains popular.

Her Age Revealed

According to Pop Sugar, Candy Montgomery was 29 years old when the incident took place.

Clearly, after 31 years, she is supposed to be 60 years old in 2021. However, we do not have enough details about her birthday at the moment.

Her Story Explained

Candy Montgomery’s story began after she developed feeling for her Betty‘s husband, Allan Gore.

She was a reserved housewife and church-goer who met Betty at The Methodist Church of Lucas. After confessing her love, Candy and Allan started having an affair.

On June 13, 1980, she spoke to Betty about her affair with Allan. The devastated mother of two decided to attack Candy with an ax but remained unsuccessful.

Instead, Candy took advantage of her poor aim and murdered her own friend after striking her 41 times with the ax.

Where Is She Now?

Candy Montgomery was found not guilty as the jury believed that she had killed Betty for self-defense.

Probably, she resides in Texas, USA, and is not in prison.

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