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Chriseanrock Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Chriseanrock is a well-known Instagram star. Was she always this famous? Stay with us to know more about the influencer.

Chrisean is most known for her work with Blueface, but she’s trying hard to establish herself as a solo artist.

In 2018, she created a YouTube channel with over 18,000 subscribers. Her channel has also received over 491,000 total views.

Some people may be quick to condemn Chrisean from the outside, but many of those people are unaware of what she went through to reach where she is.

Who Is Chriseanrock From Instagram?

Chriseanrock is an Instagram influencer. Chrisean was brought up in a large family.

Rock grew up in a large household of twelve or more people in Baltimore, Maryland.

Among her twelve siblings, she was the eleventh kid.

Chrisean had difficult life due to her mother’s addiction and her father’s imprisonment at her birth.

After being released from prison, she didn’t meet her father until she was seven years old.

Rock apparently had a lot of trauma as a child, as she was subjected to continual violence and roughness.

As a result of the family’s fury, she was choked and beaten on several occasions.

Chrisean loves and respects her parents despite their horrible past.

She has already achieved success in the entertainment sector despite coming from a poor household.

She is a budding vocalist who rose to prominence after signing with Blueface.

During the Covid 19 epidemic in 2020, Blue Face debuted its only fan quarantine reality program.

Know Chriseanrock Age

Talking about Chriseanrock age, she was born on March 14, 2000, and will be 21 years old in 2021.

Chrisean was born in the United States and is a devout Christian.

During her school years, her family battled to keep a roof over their heads, relocating from one isolated location to the next in quest of a haven.

Making ends meet was difficult for her family.

Chrisean earned an associate degree in Social Science & Kinesiology from Santa Monica College in California in 2020.

Chriseanrock Height In Feet: How Tall Is She?

Chriseanrock’s height in feet is yet to be revealed. However, as per our estimation, she stands 5’6″ tall. 

Other than that, nothing about her height is known to the world. 

She had had a rough childhood as she became homeless when she was around nine years old. 

Chriseanrock Photos

Let’s go through Chriseanrock’s Instagram to see her photos. 

She has a very versatile social media page. 

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