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Coco Quinn has gained millions of followers through her musical talents on TikTok. Find out more about Coco, including her parents and family details.

Coco Quinn is an upcoming internet personality, who is gradually increasing her fame on different social media platforms.

She is known to have millions of followers on social media and she got all this fame through her music and her other talents. 

She has 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she uploads her cover music videos and is verified on the platform. 

Coco Quinn TikTok

Coco Quinn began getting her fame from the platform of TikTok, where she shared many of her singing videos.

After she became famous, Coco started posting her videos on Youtube more often and started to share different content on TikTok. 

Nowadays, she shares mostly dance videos and also some videos of the interactions with her fans. 

She has around 3 million followers on the platform and also has around 91.8 million likes in all of her videos. 

Coco Quinn Parents And Family

Regarding Coco Quinn’s parents, there is no information regarding her father.

However, she is the daughter of Jeannie Quinn, who is known to be the mother of the Quinn sisters. 

Coco’s family consists of her sisters Kaley And Rihanna Quinn. The Quinn sisters were together on a show called MANI which became an initial platform for Coco’s fame.

Coco Quinn Boyfriend

Coco Quinn’s boyfriend is the famous Youtube and social media star, Gavin Magnus.

Gavin is a young actor and musical artist who is widely famous for his youtube pranks and other videos. 

There is not much information regarding how long Coco and Gavin have been together, but they really seem happy with each other. 

They frequently post about each other on their social media and also feature each other in their YouTube videos. 

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