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David Prowse Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

David Prowse is a British actor, bodybuilder, and weightlifter who is widely known for his roles as Darth Vader in the original “Star Wars” trilogy. He is a lifelong friend of an actor, as well as a competitor of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

Apart from his role as Vader, Prowse had established his image prominently in British Culture as the first Green Cross Code man which is a character for British road safety. He has won the British heavyweight lifting championship and also represented England at British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

NameDavid Prowse
Birthday1 July 1935
Height6 feet 6 inches (1.98m
ProfessionActor, Bodybuilder
Net WorthUS $3 million as of 2020
WifeNorma E. Scammell
EducationBristol Grammar School

10 Facts About David Prowse

David Prowse was born as David Charles Prowse on 1 July 1935, who died at the age of 85 years old. In fact, he died on 28 November 2020.

He hails from Bristol, England. Therefore, he belongs to British nationality.

As per his IMDb, David Prowse had several Actor credits for “Southern Troopers”, “Mission Backup Earth” and others and various Self credits as well.

A multi-occupational man, David Prowse’s bio has already been embraced on the official page of Wikipedia. However, we can gather a myriad of information from his Wiki-page.

 A bodybuilder stood quite 6 feet 6 inches (1.98m) with a muscular physique as a weightlifter but his weight was yet to be revealed publicly. 

Moving towards family, he was raised by his mother but his father was anonymous to him as he never knew his father. But, his mother’s name is yet to be disclosed.

Additionally, David Prowse was a married man to his lovable wife Norma E. Scammell. He met her when he was working as a bouncer at a dance hall where she was a helper at Heneaze Swimming pool. David and Norma were married since 1963. In fact, the couple has three children together.

As per his Wiki-page, David Prowse died on 28 November 2020 at the age of 85 due to a short illness which is the cause of death. Previously, he has several diseases like prostate cancer, arthritis, paralysis, and others.

 According to celebritynetworth.com, the estimated net worth of David Prose aka Darth Farmer is the US $3 million as of 2020. 

Being a child he was a disadvantageous and poor kid, he had a passion for bodybuilding since his adulthood resulting in him contesting the Mr. Universe.

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