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Dr. Susan Blumenthal Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Edward John Markey a.k.a. Ed Markey is one of the most popular names from American political society. Born in Malden, Massachusetts, Ed Markey is the current junior US senator. She is serving in the positions for Massachusetts since the year 2013. Aged 74, the American politician is married to an American physician by the name Susan Blumenthal.

It might be quite interesting for you to find out that a politician found his love in a medical officer. But, the couple is now married for over three decades and their marriage is stronger than ever. It is hard to find a long blissful relationship when it comes to celebrities, businessmen, or politicians, but this couple really breaks the ice for us. After all, it’s often a good thing to hear about a lovely relationship, isn’t it?

Besides physician, Susan Blumenthal is also a global health expert, public health advocate, and psychiatrist. She has served as the senior health leader in the US administration for plus two decades. 

Here find out more about Susan Blumenthal and her marriage with politician Ed Markey. 

Ed Markey’s Wife Dr. Susan Blumenthal

If we may, Ed Markey and his wife Dr. Susan Blumenthal is one of the most cherished couples from American politicians society. Both of them are now plus 60 years old. So, their love life goes a long way back in time.

Back, then the love life of politicians or medical staff was barley a matter of concern for netizens or public. So, obviously, there has not been much discussion on Ed Markey’s love life. 

Speaking of their marriage, Dr. Susan Blumenthal and Ed Markey got married in the year 1988. So, as in 2020, the couple is married for plus 30 years. Through these years of their marriage, there have not been any rumors of a split between the couple. 

The couple currently lives in their home in Massachusetts, the US.

Ed Markey and Susan Blumenthal Children

Ed Markey and his wife Susan Blumenthal have been married for well over 30 years. In all those years of their marriage, the couple must have had the privilege to have a few kids. Apparently, there is nothing on the internet regarding their kids. It is not clear if the couple has got kids. Well, if they have had any children, we would at least have one or two things published about their kids on the internet. 

As of now, there is not a single article regarding their kids on the web. Possibly, the couple doesn’t have any kids. Or, they have managed to keep the details of their kids private as of yet. 

One thing about the couple, they sure love to live a low key persona life. There is nothing about their love life besides their wedding date. So, they sure want to keep their love life and marriage out of the reach of the media. 

Who are Ed Markey’s Brothers?

Though we had no luck uncovering Ed Markey’s love life with Dr. Susan Blumenthal, his wiki sure has a few things mentioned about his family members. Edward was born to American parents; father named John E. Markey and mother Christina M.

He was raised in an Irish Catholic family along with his brothers Richard and John Markey. Richard and John Markey have worked together with their elder brother Edward at his South Boston reserve until. The unit also included Steve Grossman and Thomas P. O’Neill III.

How Much is Ed Markey Net Worth in 2020?

Ed Markey is one of the popular faces in American political society. He must have a colossal net worth. The exact figure of his net worth in 2020 is not public. Meanwhile, back in 2014, Ed Markey’s net worth was reported at $2,182,512.

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