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Sarah Viren Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Sarah Viren is an American writer, translator, and former news reporter. She works as a teacher at Arizona State University. She has published a book of essays which sold thousands of copies. 

But she came into the spotlight for a different reason. She was a victim of sexual accusations just when she was about to get her dream job. One of the users in Reddit blamed her for approaching him sexually. The news went very far but at last, it was just a foul play to deteriorate her reputation. 

NameSarah Viren

10 Facts on Sarah Viren

Sarah Viren is an American author, translator, and former journalist. She teaches at Arizona State University. 

She has a friend professor who she called J. They both were applying for the Michigan job. The job was Sarah’s dream. 

But during that time, the sexual allegations against her started getting viral on Reddit. There were several users who accused her of harassing sexually and they claimed they were her students. 

But Sarah knew she didn’t do it. So, she filed a lawsuit for the investigation, Duane Gilson. 

Similarly, Sarah has been getting messages from her friend, J. And the language used in Reddit and used by him were quite similar. 

After a thorough investigation, it was found that there were two anonymous accounts logged in his phone. 

Afterward, she came public with the story. She gave an interview in the New York Times about how the whole incident took place and everyone was sorry for her. 

Moving on, she is lesbian and married. She is living with her wife, Marta in Arizona. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t get that Michigan job. But it didn’t matter. She was already in a great position at ASU.

However, her Wikipedia biography can’t be found at the moment. But you can know more about her in a bio in Google Books. 

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