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Dr. Duane Gilson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Dr. Duane Gilson is an assistant professor of English at Massachusetts College of Library Arts since 2016. Duane is accused of creating a sock account and stalk a lesbian couple. Dr. Duane Gilson used fake emails to send to Arizona State University accusing Sarah Viren to have sexually misconducted students during her time in MCLA.

NameDr Duane Gilson
ProfessionProfessor, Writer

Dr. Duane Gilson and Viren both had applied for a job at ASU but Viren got the job and Gilson was waitlisted at number one. On Reddit, many false stories from fake accounts were posted against the lesbian couple who teach at MCLA.

10 Facts on Dr. Duane Gilson

Dr. Duane has been addressed as J in the NYTimes article which claims the innocence of Sarah Viren in the Sexual Harassment case.

Fake Reddit accounts were used by Gilson to accuse Viren and her wife of sexually harassing students in MCLA.

Dr. Duane Gilson has written many essays such as I Will Say This Exactly One Time: Essays, Crush with Will Stockton, Brit Lit, and Catch & Release.

The professor at MCLA  used those fake accounts to start an investigation against Viren by Title IX investigator.

The case reached a settlement where the accused Viren settled rather than taking the case forward and proving Duane as the fake account owner.

Dr. Duane Gilson is the youngest child among eight of his siblings and there is a 12-year gap between him and previous child.

In the decade of teaching and writing, Dr. Duanne has been part of many conferences and won the Robin Becker Prize.

Dr. Duane Gilson has given many interviews and written about ways to fight loneliness and depression as his brother committed suicide when he was 12 years old.

Even though Dr. Duane is named as the fake messenger in Viren’s case is not made public but people are causing him in social media.

With no proof and only accusations in social media, Dr. Duane Gilson has not been charged by the Justice department but his reputation has been torn down.

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