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Trisha Pataya is a Youtuber and an online creator who is best known for revolving around controversies and public feuds. So, it’s not a strange thing when she is stuck up in a drama.

Hair By Jay is a Hairstylist of Jeffree Star and he has worked with stars like Kim Kardashians as well However, he has been recently caught up in a controversy with Trisha Pataya as per Distractify. 

Meanwhile, Trisha Pataya states that she’s done with her friendship with Jeffree star, a makeup mogul and beauty personality, and his hairstylist who is known by the name Hair By Jay. She rants about all these in a video on Youtube named “Why I’m Scared of Jeffree and hairbyjay”.

What Did Hair By Jay Say About Trisha? Drama Explained

Basically, the drama between Trisha and Hair by Jay started after she released a video on Youtube titled “Why I’m scared of Jeffree and hair by jay”. She posted a live video of what Hair by Jay had done to her previously and then it all started as reported by

Primarily, the hairstylist calls Trisha a “stupid dumb b***h” and passes comments on her body weight saying that Trisha should go on a diet because “all that fat is f***ing her brain”. Trisha breaks down following this video and cries while opening up about the relationship she had with Jeffree star and his friends.

Hair By Jay Bio Explored

Hair by Jay seems to be in his mid-30s however his exact age is not mentioned anywhere on social media. Similarly, his real name seems to be Jay as he has used this name in every social media.

Hair By Jay is based in Los Angeles and he claims himself to be a celebrity hairstylist. 

Hai By Jay Instagram And Net Worth Explored

Hair By Jay goes with his Instagram “Hair By Jay” and has amassed more than 203,000 followers. 

Hair by Jay has already been a hairdresser of famous celebrities and is well known in the ty industry so he has probably earned a good sum of money. Although there’s not much information about his net worth as of now.

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