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Jasmine Clifford Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Jasmine Clifford of age 31 years old is charged for allegedly selling fake covid-19 vaccination cards. Read more to know about her.

Jasmine is a New Jersey-based woman who has been charged with selling fake vaccination cards.

The woman used to sell fake vaccination cards for $200 each through her Ig account, as per AP News.

What Is Jasmine Clifford Aka antivaxmomma Age?

Jasmine Clifford, aka antivaxmomma, actual age is 31 years old at the moment.

She was born in the year 1990, but her exact date of birth is currently under review.

Apart from her age, we really do lack info on her childhood and many more personal data.

Considering her appearance, we could assume she is not more than 6 feet tall in height. However, she has not shared her body measurement publicly, as we could not get our hand on it.

Jasmine Clifford Wikipedia

Jasmine Clifford’s bio has not been featured on Wikipedia, but we could extract some of her data on web media pages.

She is charged with selling fake vaccination cards for $200 each and more than 250 people.

However, as per the report, she was not alone in the scheme. Another woman named Nadayza Barkley (27 years old) was also involved in a fake vaccination card.

Furthermore, Jasmine has not been arrested but has been charged with allegations and will be arrested upon proven guilty.

Likewise, if she is proven guilty then she sure going to jail for her crime.

Recently a TikTok user @tizzyent exposed Jasmine for spreading anti-vaccine sentiment on her different accounts.

Jasmine Clifford Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

The latest Celeb Articles has estimated Jasmine’s total net worth between $50 thousand to $100 thousand.

However, she has not given any statement about the figures being accurate.

Considering her above net worth, we could be sure that she redies a qualitative lifestyle with her beloved ones.

Who Is Jasmine Clifford Husband?

Clifford has not given any official statement about being in a romantic relationship or having a husband at the moment.

Going through different media pages, we learned that she is single, but we did not find any verified info on it. So, either she is hiding her relations from the media, or she is single.

Meet Jasmine On Instagram

Jasmine used to be active on Instagram with the username of @antivaxmomma.

She is permanently banned from the platform because of the scheme she has done. One official Facebook representative has broadcast that her Ig handle was already banned in early August after some unusual activities were suspected.

Apart from the above-mentioned account, we do not have any intel on whether she possesses another id or not. According to Hitc, she previously possesses 300 thousand followers on her personal account.

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