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John Meehan Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Is John Meehan on Wikipedia? He did not have any children with his wife Newell before he died. Let us learn more.

John was a con man. He received many lawsuits for insurance scams. Also, he used to harass women.

John Meehan Wikipedia

John Meehan’s Wikipedia bio is yet to be featured.

Actually, the podcast and TV series Dirty John based on his life story are featured on Wikipedia.

Meehan was a nurse anesthetist. Also, he was a con man famous for several insurance scams resulting in lawsuits.

John had several criminal records against him. Those lawsuits caused the authorities to cancel his nurse anesthetist license.

Eventually, he ended up deceiving and harassing people much more than before. Several people have called him deceptive and dangerous.

John was born in February 1959 to his father, William. As a matter of fact, William ran the Diamond Wheel Casino in San Jose. He was the one who taught John to deceive and lie at his early age.

Notably, Meehan was once arrested for selling cocaine. He was only a teenager then. Also, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona.

John Meehan Wife, Debra Newell

John Meehan’s wife was Debra Newell.

The two met via a dating site in 2014. John lied to her about his profession. Soon, he persuaded her to marry him, blinding her with several deceptions.

Newell was an interior designer. John was attracted to her because she was a wealthy lady. However, Debra soon found out his real identity. But John harassed her as she asked to end their marriage.

In addition, Tonia Sells was John’s previous wife. The two married in November 1990 in Dayton. In fact, Sells was also a nurse anesthetist.

Interestingly, Tonia had helped him to be a nurse anesthetist. The two divorced later in 2000 as Sells knew who John really was. 

Did They Have Any children?

Debra and John Meehan did not have any children.

John’s wife Debra had children from her previous marriage. In fact, her children were suspicious about him when he married her.

John had attacked Terra, Debra’s daughter, in August 2016. Terra stabbed him 13 times with a knife, which resulted in his death.

Besides, John had two daughters with his previous wife, Tonia.

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