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Kelly McGraw Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Wife Kelly Mcgraw asked her husband for divorce after he surprised her with a tattoo of her face on his thigh. Most wives would have been delighted with this gesture, but why was Kelly so upset that she had to take that measure?

Kelly’s husband got himself an unflattering tattoo of her sleeping which was not taken well by her. A tattoo is a permanent thing that most people get of something meaningful that they can remember for the rest of their life.

But James Mcgraw didn’t consider that in mind and got an awful tattoo of his wife sleeping which infuriated her to want to separate from the guy.

Kelly McGraw Divorce

Kelly Mcgraw supposedly wanted to divorce her husband after he got a tattoo of her sleeping and snoring in a bus as a way to get back on her.

The husband and wife are constantly pranking each other, but this time, her husband James took it too far and did an irreversible thing.

Before this, the 37-year-old mother had given a daggy haircut to her husband as a joke, and he retaliated with a dreadful tattoo that will stay on him forever.

Even though the couple is spicing up their marriage by playing pranks on each other, James crossed the line by playing upon his wife’s insecurity.

Kelly McGraw Husband 

Kelly’s husband James got famous after posting a photo of his tattoo dedicated to his wife, which got many comments from online users.

Many people have commented on his tattoo as an immature and stupid action that a grown adult should not be doing.

The couple has been married for 24 years and still acts like they are in their youth to make their life fun.  The father of five took a photo of his wife when she was sleeping and didn’t look her best.

It showed Kelly’s unflattering sides, and her chin rolls were clearly visible on the original photos, but it was even more highlighted on his tattoo.

The 40-year-old dad is scared that now his wife might have to top off his current joke in a most unexpected way. He is not sure what she will do and has been warned by his wife for what she has in store for him next.

Kelly McGraw Children

Kelly and James Mcgraw are parents to five children of their own.

The couple is acting like kids when it’s their children’s age to be acting foolishly. However, their children must be happy to see their parents having fun by joking with each other and keeping their marriage alive.

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