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Kira Steger Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Kira Steger murder was committed by her own husband Jeffery Trevino. Where is he now? Find Out.

It was a really odd incident for Kira Steger’s co-workers when she missed her work on a fine day in 2013. Apparently, she had never missed her work previously.

What unfolded next was even more shocking and saddening.

Kira Steger Murder – Obituary and Death Cause

Kira Steger obituary states “murder” as her death cause.

On Feb 21, 2013, Steger was last seen alive with her husband in Bloomington, Minnesota. However, she didn’t show up to the next day’s work and disappeared after that.

Kira’s coworkers were quickly alarmed by her missing. Everyone tried to reach her but found no progress. Eventually, they reported to the police.

The officers soon found multiple clues to the case. They retrieved pillows and clothes with bloodstains that matched Steger’s DNA in the nearby Keller Lake. Likewise, her car was found abandoned with the same bloodstains in the parking lot of the mall she worked.

On further investigation, the police discovered Kira’s house with more blood.

In May 2013, they were finally able to locate her body in Mississippi. Similarly, autopsy results indicated multiple injuries and bruises in the body. The reports concluded that Kira Steger death cause was smothering, aka suffocation.

Where Is Her Husband Jeffery Trevino Today? Case Update Now

Today, Kira Steger’s husband Jeffery Trevino is imprisoned at Minnesota Correctional Facility for the crime.

With all the evidence in hand, Trevino was soon convicted for the murder. Apparently, the couple had been going through a rough patch. Moreover, Kira was about to divorce Trevino and was allegedly having an affair with her coworker.

In October 2013, the court sentenced Jeffery to 27 years in prison for the second-degree unintentional murder of Streger. According to the case update now, Jeffery Trevino will be eligible for parole in 2031.

Kira Steger Age and Wikipedia

Kira Steger was the age of 30 years old.

A native of Wisconsin, she used to reside in St. Paul, Minnesota. Likewise, Kira was employed for the Mall of America as a co-manager at a clothing store.

Steger doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography.

But, her friend and family describe her as a kind person with a good soul. Jeffery tried to appeal his conviction. However, his request was denied by the court in 2015. 

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