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Paul Schäfer Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Paul Schäfer was the Late leader of the South Chile Based Colonia Sect. He died at the age of 88 years due to severe cardiac illness. Get to know his wife, daughter, and family details below. 

Paul Schäfer was a founder and leader of a sect and agricultural commune called “Colonia Dignidad.” He joined the Hitler Youth at a young age and worked as a Wehrmacht medic during “World War II.”

Following the World War, he worked as a young people’s leader in the Evangelical Free Church. He was dismissed from his post after rumors appeared that he was molesting young boys.

In addition to that, on May 24, 2006, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail for sexually abusing 25 children and was ordered to pay US$1.5 million to 11 boys whose agents had filed claims against Paul. 

He was also wanted in Germany and France in kinship with child abuse allegations. 

In 2010, he passed away at the age of 88 at the Santiago de Chile’s Ex-Penitentiary’s Hospital. 

Learn About Netflix Colonial Dignidad New Series 

Recently, on October 1, 2021, Netflix released a new series, “A SinisterSect: Colonia Dignidad,” that reveals the dark history and the truth about a German sect in Chile. 

The series shows the leader and preacher of the sect, Paul Schäfer, who was accused of sexual abuse and cruelty. The docu-series will also show the works carried out by Schäfer and his supporters in the Province of Linares in Chile.

How Did Paul Schäfer Die?

Paul Schäfer died on April 24, 2010, at the Santiago de Chile’s Ex-Penitentiary’s Hospital due to heart failure. Later, it was disclosed that he was suffering from a severe cardiac illness. 

Paul Schäfer’s “Colonia” case was exposed years ago and is causing a stir thanks to new pieces of visual media that reveal what happened 50 years ago.

The series takes us into the colony’s early years, how it came about, and Schafer’s history with the territory. 

Paul Schäfer Wife And Daughter Details

Paul Schäfer was happily married to his wife. But, he has not revealed anything about his wife. 

He prefers to keep his personal information private. So, no news about his wife is found on the internet.

Paul and his wife have a daughter, Rebeca. She is the adopted daughter of Paul and his wife.

He left behind his wife and daughter in 2010. He will always be remembered by his family, wife, and daughter. 

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