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Quinn Gray Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Where is Quinn Gray Today? Most of her life insights including her husband are subtle. Here we have dug up about her.

Quinn is the Ponte Vedra beach woman who faked her own kidnapping in 2009. The case became the national headlines.

When she was found in an orange Park parking lot on September 7, 2009, she said she was grabbed at home by thugs who demanded money to collect on a debt owed by her husband, Reid Gray.

Where Is Quinn Gray Today? 

Quinn Gray’s whereabouts are nowhere to be seen as of today.

There’s nothing much information about how Gray is doing now or where Gray is now? 

But, in 2009, Gray went missing from Ponte Vedra. For her missing, Jasmin Osmanovic, an auto shop operator, was accused of kidnapping Gray.

Surprisingly, Osmanovic had a different story; he said Gray was not the victim but his co-conspirator who faked her kidnapping.

Eventually, Gray was arrested on September 16, 2009. She was sentenced to seven years probation in February 2011.

After that, she was accused of violating her probation. According to her social media posts, she lives in Jacksonville Beach and is now a yoga teacher.

Where Is Quinn Gray Husband Now?

Quinn Gray’s husband, Reid Gray, is behind the curtain as of now.

Quinn and her husband Reid were divorced in October 2011.

Quinn married him in the year 2013, proudly taking his surname as Quinn Hanna.

But, their marriage did not last. That marriage would only last three years before she’d divorced again.

Everything About Her Kidnapping

Quinn Gray, a woman from Ponte Vedra, went missing demanding $50K from her family.

Later, the woman was faking her kidnapping as a part of an extortion scheme against her husband.

The sheriff at the time said: “The details of this case read like a book or a TV show. It’s by far the most convoluted, complex scheme I’ve ever encountered.”

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