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Rebecca Roiphe Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Rebecca Roiphe at an age of 50 is a professor at New York School. Get to know Rebecca’s husband and wiki details.

Rebecca is a lawyer and a professor. She is a prosecution and politicization expert at New York Law School.

Rebecca Roiphe Age: How Old Is She?

Rebecca Roiphe’s age is 50 years old.

Roiphe is from Manhattan, New York. It is not clear whether or not she was born there. Besides, she has not mentioned her exact birth details.

On the other hand, Rebecca was born to her parents Anne Roiphe and Dr. Herman Roiphe. Her parents live in Manhattan.

In fact, her father is a psychoanalyst based in Manhattan. Similarly, her mother is a writer and novelist. Interestingly, she wrote the book 1185 Park Avenue published by Free Press in 1999.

As a matter of fact, Rebecca’s mother has reached 85 years of age now. The New York City native is also regarded as a first-generation feminist.

Rebecca has a sister named Katie Roiphe. Katie is a famous author and journalist. Emily Carter is Rebecca’s half-sister. She was born to Anne’s previous husband Jack Richardson.

Interestingly, Rebecca is a graduate of Harvard Law School. She earned a Doctor of Law degree there. Also, she later joined the University of Chicago. She obtained a Ph.D. in American History from the university. 

Rebecca Roiphe Husband: Is She Married?

Rebecca Roiphe has a husband named Benjamin Gruenstein.

Roiphe and her husband married in January 2004. She was 33 years old at the time. Similarly, her husband was 29.

Benjamin is also a law practitioner who served as a prosecutor in Manhattan. Besides, he is also a Harvard Law School Graduate. Besides, he previously served as a law clerk to Associate Justice David H. Souter at US Supreme Court.

Roiphe has children as her Twitter bio reveals she is a mom. However, we could not have our hands on their details.

Rebecca Roiphe Wiki

Rebecca Roiphe does not have her wiki details on Wikipedia yet.

Roiphe has been mentioned in her mom Anne’s Wikipedia bio.

To point out, Rebecca has been a professor of law at New York Law School since 2007. Prior to that, she was an assistant district attorney at New York County District Attorney Office.

Roiphe’s net worth is a mystery for now.

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