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Ronnie Mcnutt Full Video On Reddit – Army Veteran Commits Suicide On Facebook Livestream

Ronnie Mcnutt, a veteran American Soldier who served in Iraq, shot himself in his head on Facebook live on August 31, 2020; the video incident went viral and was pulled from various platforms; however, it is now rumored to be going viral on Reddit.

Ronnie Mcnutt came into the public eye after shooting himself in the head and committing suicide. He committed this horrific act in front of his computer, sitting in his house being live on Facebook. Before committing suicide, he talked on live for hours.

Like every harrowing event clip, his suicide video went viral on social media ranging from Facebook to Tiktok. Many people were shocked to see that horrifying video, so it was pulled down by all the platforms, but it seems people are searching it for in Reddit now.

Ronnie Mcnutt Full Video On Reddit

Many people are looking for Ronnie Mcnutt’s suicide video and have recently stumbled on various Reddit threads. After the video was removed from social media platforms like TikTok, People found clips of the video on Reddit.

Redditors are discussing the man act in various manners. Some people sympathize with him for the horrific act he did, and some say that they feel sorry for his dog.

The video is very violent graphically, so many people suggest not looking for the video. The video is disturbing, and many viewers have reported being mentally displaced seeing the content.

Ronnie Mcnutt Army Veteran Commits Suicide On Facebook Livestream

Ronnie Mcnutt was an American army veteran who committed suicide on Facebook Livestream. Ronnie was among the brave soldiers who served in Iraq. It is scary that such a decorated officer can commit suicide.

After the suicide of Ronnie, his fellow soldier, friends, and family were shaken to their core. Everyone near to him is stunned by his act. Many people suspect that he had a mental illness; however, there has not been any confirmation.

Rumor has it, Ronnie was doing a job in the Toyota plant in Blue Springs, but he was fired from there, and he also broke up with his girlfriend. Thus, people say that this might have triggered suicide.

Ronnie Mcnutt Age: How Old Is He?

Ronnie Mcnutt’s age was 33 years old when he committed suicide. He served in Iraq when the US army was deployed in Iraq. He was one of the soldiers who left home to fight in a foreign land.

The rumors are also spreading, which says that Ronnie was dealing with Post Trauma Stress Disorder and other mental issues. Post Trauma Stress Disorder has been suspected to be the result of his deployment.

Ronnie Mcnutt Wikipedia

Much information about Ronnie Mcnutt is publicly undisclosed. People speculations throughout the internet are available, but they are not verified.

Many people are worried that the circulation of Ronnie’s video might be seen by children or other sensitive people, which might have a deep impact on them or give them nightmares. Hence, they condemn sharing of the video.

After the death of Ronnie, people have talked and encouraged people to talk to professionals if they are dealing with mental health issues.

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