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Samuel Davidson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The crashing of 4 children to death shocked Australia in 2020. Fast forward to 2021; the court has finally given punishment to the culprit of the case, Samuel Davidson. However, the gruesome accident still haunts the children’s families. 

Samuel Davidson Parents: Meet His Wife and Family

Samuel Davidson’s parents are Kay and Allan Davidson.

According to reports, Kay and Allan are devasted by the son’s arrest. They even sent heartfelt condolences to their victims’ families. Though they have forgiven their son, they also believe that he should be punished for his crimes. 

On the other hand, Samuel Davidson’s wife’s identity remains hidden to date. There are no gossips about his married life or partner. Likewise, Samuel Davidson’s other family members rarely associate themselves with him. 

Samuel is Arrested over Oatlands Driver Incident 

Samuel Davidson was arrested over the Oatlands case. 

Samuel Davidson was the driver who mowed over 7 children walking on the pavement on Feb 1, 2020.

The accident killed four innocent children: Antony Abdallah (13), Angelina Abdallah (12), Sienna Abdallah (8), and Veronique Sakr (11). 

Davidson had allegedly attended a party before the incident. He lived nearby the crashing scene in Oatlands.

Likewise, he was driving back to his home with over the limit alcohol in his blood. Consequently, this led to the unfortunate events of that day. 

His Court Order and Sentence 

Samuel Davidson’s court order was finalized in 2021.

Samuel Davidson’s sentence was announced as 28 years in prison. Likewise, Judge James Bennett put Sam in Parramatta’s District Court with a chance of parole in 21 years.

Furthermore, the families of victims thanked the court for the unbiased decision.

Samuel Davidson’s Wikipedia is not available for now. Nonetheless, he is the age of 31 years. He attended the Terrigal High in New South Wales, Australia. Furthermore, Davidson used to be a Truck Driver. 

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